Who we are

We are a communication orientated company established in 1986. O&L WORD WIDE COMMUNICATION is amongst the largest enterprises in China established to provide you which the highest quality products at the lowest prices on the market.

What we do


O&L WORLD WIDE COMMUNICATION actually cut out the MIDDLE MAN. Buying from us means that we are able to provide you with the best products straight from the manufacturer directly to you.

For Growing Large Businesses

Let us help you save money

Whether you are a smaller growing business or an already larger and established company, we want to spare you from paying excess fees and costs to a third party middleman. NOW you can purchase guaranteed quality products directly from the manufacturer.

Few Words About Us:

We at O&L Communication Company are determined to reach many online platforms and markets. We are committed to contribute and provide satisfying experiences for our clients worldwide. We also intend to greatly improve telephone networks, WI-FI and computer communications.
The main purpose for establishing O&L Communication Company was to fulfill the needs of the Israeli telecommunications infrastructure market, which at the time was in need of development. Our company is quickly growing and now we are branching out worldwide.